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Personal Fitness Training in Penticton, BC

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Penticton by Funktion For Life - Fitness and Health as a Lifestyle

Established in 2008 by sought after personal trainer Nicole Funk, Funktion for Life has fast become the go to team for personal training and small group fitness in the Penticton area. In between raising three children, Nicole dedicates herself to her true passion of health, fitness and well-being. With an infectious enthusiasm and a natural ability to bring out the best in herself and others, Nicole motivates her trainers and clients alike to strengthen their bodies and minds through exercise. ​

Nicole’s team of highly educated and personable trainers work with clients of all ages and varied fitness abilities, from young athletes right through to clients in their sixties and seventies. Funktion for Life offers one on one, semi private or small group fitness at a range of fitness facilities in the Penticton area. You will also find Funktion for Life trainers outdoors teaching group fitness classes in Naramata and in Penticton. ​

Each Funktion for Life trainer brings a unique fitness background, which gives us plenty of scope to find the right personal fit for you. Our backgrounds may be varied but our philosophy is not: ​

  • We believe that the path to optimal health and fitness needs to be personal –it’s called personal training for a reason! One size absolutely does not fit all.
  • We believe that you can use fitness to fuel your life –cultivating a healthy body and mind will help you to achieve goals, manage stress and live a happy, fulfilling life.
  • We believe in balance. Balance between pushing yourself and rest and recovery; balance in the type of exercise, balance between work and play, discipline and indulgence. Balance between mind & body and finding that inner happiness
  • We believe in tying exercise to a higher purpose – health, family, energy, self-care and love – these are the things that will motivate us when the going gets tough. We use fitness to enhance our life.
  • We believe in education - we are highly qualified and committed to continuous learning to ensure we bring the latest thinking and highest standards to our training.
  • We believe in just getting started: forget overwhelm or fear, break down big goals into bite size pieces and devour them!
  • This approach inspires us to give our best to each clients every day, so that our clients can give their best to what matters to them. ​

Let’s discuss what that would look like for you.