Precision Nutrition Coach Penticton by Funktion For Life - Fitness and Health as a Lifestyle

WHOLE BODY WELLNESS PACK - the pack includes the following:
(customizable depending on your health goals)

  1. 1(one) Health Consultation (online via ZOOM call)
  2. Health Assessment / Intro to personal training (in person @ private studio - PURE GYM)
  3. Nutrition Consultation (online via ZOOM call)
  4. 2nd Personal Training session (@ private studio - PURE GYM)
  5. Follow up on all the above (via email)


Ongoing email support, guidance and answers to your questions for your workouts along the way & ongoing motivation and education to help you reach your health & wellness goals. We only get 1 life - let’s live it to the fullest and give our bodies & cells the best change at optimal health. I am here and excited to help you feel your best.

Email nicole@funktionforllife.com for more information