About Funktion For Life

holistic wellness coaching for women

Certified Trainer Penticton by Funktion For Life - Fitness and Health as a Lifestyle

Established in 2008 by sought after wellness coach Nicole Funk, Funktion for Life has fast become the go-to coaching business for helping women discover their healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. In between raising three children, Nicole dedicates herself to her true passion of health, fitness and well-being. With an infectious enthusiasm and a natural ability to bring out the best in herself and others, Nicole motivates her clients to strengthen their bodies and minds through 5 pillars of health: clean nutrition, adequate sleep, daily movement, nature exposure & daily doses of sunshine & outdoors. ​

Funktion For Life philosophies: ​

  • Nicole believes that the path to optimal health and fitness needs to be personal and customized to each individual! One approach absolutely does not fit all.
  • Nicole believes that you can use fitness and wellbeing to fuel your life –cultivating a healthy body and mind will help you to achieve goals, manage stress and live a happy, fulfilling life.
  • Nicole is a huge believer in balance. Balance between pushing yourself and rest and recovery; balance in the type of exercise, balance between work and play, discipline and indulgence. Balance between mind & body and finding that inner happiness. Moderation on all levels.
  • Nicole believes in tying exercise to a higher purpose – health, family, longevity, energy, self-care and love – these are the things that will motivate us when the going gets tough.
  • Nicole believes in education and lifelong learning. Nicole is always furthering her education by taking courses, learning from mentors, practicing self development, attending conferences and listening to educational podcasts whenever she gets a chance. Her commitment to learning stems from her passion to help herself, her family and her clients live their most fulfilling, healthiest version of themselves.