Fadrina Gaudenzi

Personal Fitness Trainer in Penticton, BC

Personal Trainer Fadrina Gaudenzi

Fitness has been an essential part of Fadrina's life for over 15 years. In early childhood, Fadrina always struggled with her weight and after making the big move from her home country of Switzerland to Canada in year 2000 - she learned that fitness & health can be fun! ‚Äč

Fadrina took the time to educate herself on the basic principles of nutrition and fitness training and implemented them into her daily life. She started noticing a change immediately. She believes that your mind is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to health. Fadrina loves helping others become their best version of themselves. Her passion is in functional training using a variety of equipment and lots of body weight exercises. All her workouts will be fun, intense and never the same!

Fadrina will help you find your passions in exercise, she will educate you and motivate you to make healthy decisions that will lead to great results.


  • Certified Personal Trainer (Can Fit Pro)
  • Standard 1st Aid / CPR / AED