Kim Kohan

Personal Fitness Trainer in Penticton, BC

Personal Trainer Kim Kohan

Kim learned to appreciate fitness, exercise and self care in her early 40’s. During school sports she always opted to be goalie so that she didn’t have to run very far. She didn’t feel the need to exercise much at that time. She was tall and naturally slim, and didn’t feel she needed to workout. When she turned 40, she watched her 70 year old mother (also slim, tall and not fit) be unable to pull herself up into a truck due to lack of strength. This was the wake-up call that made Kim realize she didn’t want to weaken as she aged. She decided to do something about it.

Kim hired a Personal Trainer (Nicole Funk) and started working out regularly and quickly realizing the benefits of exercise. 2 years later, she started running regularly and continuing to do home workouts. A year later she found her passion in CrossFit. Kim has been working out at CrossFit (and doing the odd competition) for the past 7 years. At the age of 56 she feels the strongest she has ever been and has a true passion for fitness and well being!

As your personal trainer you will find Kim’s fantastic people skills, along with her knowledge and dedication to daily fitness will support your journey to achieving your goals. Kim is encouraging, empathetic, open, honest, understanding, friendly and super motivating. Her attention to the detail corresponds directly to some of the qualities you would want in a Personal Trainer. Kim is super excited to help you find your passion in fitness!